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TRODZA – THE BLOG – Contents

3 Jan

What’s in TRODZA the BLOG ?

1 TRODZA – Contents [A list of all the entries in the BLOG ]
2 TRODZA -the Blog- is about Life Situations [A brief summary about entries in the BLOG.]
3 A Bumpy Ride [Bk1: about how Ralph survives through dysfunctional management.]
4 The Singh Saga [Bk2: how an ‘outsider’ can undermine family values and systems.]
5 Anastasia Redeemed [Bk3: about a girl in Kenya who struggles through discrimination.]
6 The Silence beyond the Pain [Bk4: how resilience & faith overcome discrimination.]
7 Petals and Pebbles [Bk5: a re-edit of a fascinating book with stories and parables.]
8 Boyhood Trials shape the Chindit [Bk6: about how Charles comes through a difficult life.]
9 Flight to Bangkok [Bk7: published Sept 2016 (a romance)]
10 The Story of a Dream [His Dreams led him to a Vision – his Legacy today.]
11 They called him Capo [He spread goodness & cheer – was loved by all who knew him.]
12 The unbroken story of Louis [He reached for realms where few men can or dare to go.]
13 The call that changed a life [She had to hear the call: to give her love and her life to God.]
14 The Lady and the Jars [She saved lives and yet received no recognition for her services.]
15 Voice of Peace [She was young and fearless: she fought for a cause.]
16 Home is where the heart is [He felt the call. He left everything to serve others.]
17 Airline lunches [Life is about love and serving others: all the time. It doesn’t cost.]
18 One of the bravest [No greater love a man show! The heart will go where it wants to go.]
19 Outsiders and Insiders [Society keeps devising systems that people don’t always follow.]
20 Modern Parables [There is always a pattern in the way people live their lives.].
21 Yoga and the Heart [What really controls the human being? Is Yoga or Zen the answer?]
22 Go to Joseph [An Apostle for our times: showing exceptional goodness and service.]
23 ‘Wow’ is for Readers ‘Now’ [A book for leaders, teachers, preachers: who might face ‘mission impossible’ dealing with teenagers.]
24 Elephant heroics [A real-life breath-taking incident: facing an elephant in real life.]
25 Selfless in Adversity [A true story about a 12-year-old facing a terminal illness.]
26 The Final Interview [A tribute to those who fight for our liberty and rights]
27 Indian Treat in Charleston [A musical talent thrives in the USA]
28 A Taste of Convent Life [Two Japanese women who experience life in a Convent.]