Petals and Pebbles

28 Jan

‘Petals and Pebbles’ (Trifles Matter) is a programme of life. The Author, Elias Dias, uses his experience as a counsellor and pastor to examine everyday life situations in very realistic terms. The honest evaluations and the friendly style in which the facts are presented make the book enjoyable reading. The glossary and the references help to make the book one  that can be read in the comfort of one’s home, or for more serious study, or perhaps even while commuting to work. The short chapters and the subtitles offer even the casual reader the possibility of browsing or of reading just the chapters or sections that are most relevant.

A friend of the Author, who has been a teacher in secondary school in Canada, said, ‘This is an invaluably handy guide for teachers and counsellors.’ A youth worker in South Africa, involved in guidance work, said, ‘It is such a useful companion to have when I travel around for my talks and sessions.’ A Pastor in the Philippines said, ‘This is a book I would like to recommend to my priests in active ministry. They have such a wealth of information and guidance in the book. The Author deserves praise for making the book such a handy and well-written volume.’

Fred Gomes, an active and committed Christian in Eastern Australia, believes that ‘Petals and Pebbles’ is a lovely compendium of facts, anecdotes, events, incidents, situations…put together to offer the reader thoughts on sound moral principles. The author’s experience as a preacher and a teacher has helped in presenting these inspirational thoughts for anyone looking for values in life. The book , which is an excellent guide and resource, reinforces the advice offered with quotes from the works of great thinkers, writers, sages and saints. It is book that should help bring change to many hearts and minds.

Matt Thomas from Australia, who spent many years as a lay pastor, thinks the book has ‘a lot of the friendliness and pastoral style of Pope Francis’ in it. ‘I am recommending the book to many pastors I know, either directly or by email,’ he said.  The stories in the book relate to the day to day lives of everyone no matter where the person is. Many aspects of the life of an individual are brought into the context of Jesus in the Gospels. The language of the stories is also very simple and clear. I am sure that the book will be of great assistance to group leaders, managers, priests, religious and everyone who is involved with young and old people. The book is clearly one for the 21st. century. The book sticks to the truth, but does make everything relevant and up to date, as much related to Vatican II as to Pope Francis’ messages to the Church today.

The Editor, Trophy D’Souza, has added a touch of friendliness and realism by helping to refine the fine details both in language and in content, making it a volume that managers, who deal with ordinary people in different walks of life, must have in their collection.

This edition of ‘Petals and Pebbles’, which has been edited ( and largely re-written ) by Trophy D’Souza, is Trophy’s fifth book. It has been published by and will be available  from February 2014. The original edition was published by Tejprasarini, a Don Bosco organization in Mumbai, India.


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