The Singh Saga – (A Mountain Tale)

28 Sep

A dysfunctional family struggles to keep itself together even while some members seem to be drifting away on personal agendas. Meanwhile a shrewd Outsider who marries into the clan uses clever ways to acquire status in the hierarchy to be able to inherit privilege and position for herself and her protege.  The grandees settled in their assured positions do not pick up on these clever moves. So, could fate or nature step in to play a significant role in the Singh Saga? The vibrant flow of language and the intriguing plot hold the reader’s attention as the Mountain Tale unravels.

Trophy D’Souza, who has first-hand experience of dealing with people in different situations in life, analyses, in this his second book, how family values can easily be eroded from within. His first book, A Bumpy Ride, his fourth book, The Silence Beyond the Pain, and his third book, Anastasia Redeemed,  which also deal with people situations, show how dysfunctional managers can affect people’s lives in organizations.

‘The author has done an excellent exposure of characters who would otherwise have been ‘lost in the woods’ otherwise. In fact, in spite of the unpleasantness of some situations, the story (in The Singh Saga) offers a wonderful portrayal of life in the mountains and the stresses and strains that people go through both in family life as well as in the actual difficulties of everyday living. The themes presented too, especially in the Epilogue, are uplifting, not to speak of the encouraging way in which a younger generation faces the future. The book is an absorbing read also because of the way the language keeps the reader interested.’ (B & J Crasto Community Officers, Ontario, Canada)

This book is Trophy’s 2nd book, and is  available from and from


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