A Bumpy Ride (Chasing a Dream)

28 Feb

When Ralph sets out to follow his dream he has no clue about ‘the pressures that life would have in store’ for him. But, he admits that though his ‘courage may have faltered at some of the hurdles that came up’ he ‘had this gut feeling’ that his ‘dream would always spur’ him on. But did it really?

Life never seems to have got easy for him in the early stages as Ralph ‘felt he was alone on the high seas piloting his rudderless ship, with almost no guidance at all.’ In fact, he says, ‘I had my doubts. I did not know how I would cope. There was a little fear and uncertainty creeping in. I realized I had to steer this ship all alone.’

Ralph had to wade through various periods of discrimination and realized as he suggests that  he was probably ‘unfortunately born with the darker spoon’ in his mouth and that he was not smart enough to manipulate the system. He goes on to say, ‘I did not have the crystal ball of the future to see the ominous signs of more momentous unfair decisions looming in the horizon.’ So, did he manage the system?

There was a point when he just wanted to throw in the towel. ‘The dark clouds of sadness again came over me, this time almost with a vengeance. A form of depression set in. … I felt as if I had not grown up at all! …. The joy and excitement of that first train ride …… and the credits I had accumulated…… seemed to mean almost nothing. I was inconsolable. I had reached a point where I felt I had to pack my bags and head back home.’

There was worse to come in his adult life when he was sidelined.  He found himself at the wrong end of biased decisions, and admits that his ‘faith was in tatters.’ He says, ‘I was mauled, the victim of religious power abused, unsure of surviving and unable to think straight! I was all but slain! There was no Mark Anthony around for ‘Lend me your ears’ but just another Marko ready to ‘bury’ me!’

But, did he pick himself up? The story reveals a tale of subtle power play, and subjective controls, all described in journalistic realism, in an incredible narrative. Is Ralph to blame? Is he on the wrong track?  Can he sort this out? Will the ‘bumpy ride’ be aborted?  This engrossing tale has to be read to be believed. 

‘The story is a gripping tale of human endeavor and and survival,’ says an experienced Indian psychologist. ‘The situations described,’ says and American journalist, ‘offer guideposts to Managers floundering at the deep end of decision-making.’ It’s a double-decker inspirational package for training,’ says a British educationist.

This is Trophy D’Souza’s first book. It is available from http://www.authorhouse.com , http://www.amazon.com , http://www.bbcbooks.net



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